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Pistols Equipped With Go2timberlandsale Empty Pistols Equipped With Go2timberlandsale

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Staggered a few steps back again and again, and suddenly, he felt cold neck, looked down at his neck on a steel sword trembling frame Meanwhile, behind him came the cold voice. Do not passed on it. Otherwise, your head will not. Heard a voice, a voice of Om Anderson head, he did not know what the other said, however, but to those who like ghosts, only to disappear in front of the living, even under circumstances still unaware of their own side killed UNITA correspondent Piru, even more incredible is that they do not know when the other station and behind. Where is this man is simply a ghost! The specter of the word, he then can not go2timberlandsale by UNITA in Luanda, will deploy more manpower to mine, when the generals will be sent to Mr. Anderson more gifts. Haha! Anderson on his back and laughed. They are down, he whispers, suddenly, out of the windows of the second floor of one person, that person's face mask has linen, slender proportioned, four, five meters in height for him Rulvpingdi, body floating down, and then.

Anderson rushed straight. When he was ten meters away when Anderson, who was suddenly found his presence, first froze for a moment, but his response was quick, without thinking, counterassaulted a gun, facing newcomers head is shot. Flutter! Pistols equipped with silencers did not issue a little sound, just listen to the sound of sand, Anderson's eyes falling under a towel, look ahead, come to have disappeared. Huh? How did the people? Anderson did not react, but stand on his side of the middle-aged man was issued a gasp. He does not understand how, hastily turned around to see, I saw the huge middle-aged black skull actually fall from the shoulder, like a fountain of red blood injection generally good high. Ah - Anderson scared a Ji Ling, his legs felt weak.



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