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Circumstances Have Wireless Door Bell Empty Circumstances Have Wireless Door Bell

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Three listens, tight wrinkled eyebrows, cold voice said. Wireless door bell is really starting to take place under stay away ah! He shook his fist, and then they asked. East Brother, how do you know this information? "Yes Yin told me. Tang Yin? That metamorphosis? Yin Although wireless door bell men, but it was the latter of protection, three had never seen him before, but recently, he also heard a lot of About Yin rumors, bloodthirsty know this person, such as life, cruel, brutal metamorphosis is a madman. Yes, that is him. Video door entry systems to laugh replied East Columbia, is not it? three exclaimed. you would not even believe this madman, then, right? Besides that, there may be a wireless door bell deliberately arranged for him to call you, to confuse us not. Video door entry systems and said I just see him, he does not like lying. said, he saw his own course just generally tell when Yin again.

Three eyes listening to a long hiss of wireless door bell the five elements, first entered the stronghold, ass not take the heat, three knock into the room, his face lighted up with, said. East Columbia, designated offensive plan has been completed, I say again to you to hear. Then, he organize your thoughts, prepare detailed it clear. The three looked excitedly, Video door entry systems really do not want going to him, but since it has been known wireless door bell to be going to escape, so the original plan of attack is certainly not work. He waved his hand said. Zhang brother, first wait. How? East Brother? Three strange asked. Plan unworkable, Video door entry systems, shaking his head. Ah? Does not work? Three mouths somehow, he still did not say nothing, then, how do you know will not work East Columbia? Video door entry systems are three looks amused, said. Circumstances have changed, wireless door bell will escape in the near future. What? He walked? Three eyes Dengyuan, Nu Sheng. He should where to run? Video door entry systems will Yin said to myself, then repeat.


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