sales of more than 500 billion yuan

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sales of more than 500 billion yuan Empty sales of more than 500 billion yuan

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On the eve of the National Day, a game of century jin yuan hotel in MBT shoes clearance
at the conference, across from the thousands of household brand manager, the largest ballroom crowded full to the brim. Unexpectedly the
The chamber, and starting announced seven cities of the 7 stores, it Timberland boots sale
and merchants from 2010 early October by 2011. Successive Then, the chain store unexpectedly total 40
And more than 200 billion yuan in sales. For this opportunity, unexpectedly to 100 stores goals, by 2015, chain stores, more than 100 annual sales of more than 500 billion yuan.

7 July at startup investment city inn

Autumn in Beijing, night, but Beijing has filar silk chill of MBT shoes clearance
jin yuan hotel banquet, sweltering heat is. The big enough to accommodate 1,000 people crowded hall brim, wait
The unexpectedly announced new investment information.

This National Day is a unique ZhaoShangHui eve. For those who are in the earth opened the extension managers, find a good platform, unexpectedly is crucial as they first
Choose partners, and bring them is exciting news: from 2010 to 2011 early October of several MBT shoes sale
, unexpectedly will open in changsha, Beijing jin li river, too
The original hexi shop, in datong shanxi shop, chengdu, guiyang and tianjin shop 7 stores, therefore, unexpectedly at this mass ZhaoShangHui, especially in July 7 stores and started operation city.

"The seven shops opening date not much difference, one ZhaoShangHui let vendors unfinnished held at the same time, as well as investment, let everybody have sufficient and". in
Home business department manager of HuHaoSong says, "jin jiuyin 10" is always home industry, the harvest season gold brand managers will be sold throughout the country to sign, unexpectedly such activities
Home investment promotion activities they don't want to miss, while Coach handbags outlet
in the way, equivalent to the total frees up more time and energy on company operation and marketing.


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