The shop was HuiMei Oriental plaza

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The shop was HuiMei Oriental plaza Empty The shop was HuiMei Oriental plaza

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Three hundred shops strategy implementation ","

Reporter noticed that this is the new seven in the morning, a MBT anti shoe
just signed in Beijing the shop. - The shop was HuiMei Oriental plaza, located in HeQiao li lives in the southeast, after
But with the group of multiple negotiation, li finally reached cooperation, unexpectedly to lease takeover HuiMei east, which converts professional furniture, and the original li river shop are doing building materials. This shop
After opening, early 2011 unexpectedly in Beijing stores total 6, consolidate the Timberland womens boots
position of the city, for the expansion. Consolidate

WangLinPeng revealed, unexpectedly has set the development "the five hundred MBT shoes sale
chain" strategy, this strategy will be divided into three steps: the first step is completed in 2011 in early July, all the stores opened
Kingdom storefront totaled 40, the annual sales of more than 200 million yuan, The second step is to 2012, finish all the capital city layout, more than 60 storefront chain number, annual MBT trainers
more than 300 million yuan
, The third step is completed by 2015 regional urban layout, the main chain stores amount over 100, with annual sales of more than 500 billion yuan.

From 2003 1 store chain strategy, to start at the beginning of the year 2011 40 shops, unexpectedly the household in time, Based on 40 shops by 2015 to 100 stores, unexpectedly
Plans to use the time less than five years. Has formed the perfect business model, unexpectedly in chain path destined to go faster, and more stable.
Beijing high-tech electronic industries in north of zhongguancun area, and the sports industry of the Asian games. Currently located in four link to the north of mature commercial circle five cheap Ugg boots sale
population is strong
Stability of household, this area customer-groups in a few years, the rapid rise gradually become the capital of high-end home stores and businesses for the battleground.

Higher consumption ability support household consumption

The Asian games with thousands of high-grade building mature communities, a large number of resident population formed stable power consumption. With the success of the Olympic Games held in high-end owner, more choice
This area of the Olympic commercial property, also become famous city of high-income people, one of the areas of the overall level of consumption and improve.


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