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Remember the last autumn fashion Empty Remember the last autumn fashion

Post  Admin on Fri Oct 15, 2010 8:47 pm

Hermes launched a new brand line, called Ca $hmere. Cashmere is right [cashmere] changed the individual. With the launch of the series, we seem to have the necessity to summarize qiu dong's sweater.

Remember the last autumn fashion? Do not remember? Okay, this qiu dong's Timberland boots uk
, but you absolutely unexpected. Want to use a season of "old" goods "DingGang"? Seems a little difficult.

Don't know how, "MaZi point this season with those of more seems particularly sweater. Usually are black and white ash series of mutual inclusion. Whether the white, gray or ash is mingled with the MBT shoes sale
are black, have qualitative feeling. Of course this some bright guy Hermes, such as the green sweater on the same inclusions, rice white, and using the corresponding regression "blockbuster" suddenly, this method is the popular fashion.
Men's fashion stylist revelation perfect collocation of the four elements MBT shoes sale
cardigan suit is no longer: restore ancient ways oldish

Design concept
OMNIALUO LuoZheng design director at the bottom of a dream and the practice of fashion garments, advocate human consciousness is outspread, attempt to gain life in clothing.

Dance, painting, rhythm, building and visual and colour LuoZheng -- MBT shoes sale
from the bottom of the artistic connotation and perception, form, and in essence in the process of design has no trace, casual into a continuation of both classical vitality. Classic amorous feedings pattern, embroidery, bud in the shoulder, OMNIALUO dress and skirt skirts, wear between regenerate, dynamic and static MBT shoes UK
present a different aesthetic feeling, fresh and clever.

Want to let yourself into a super exaggerated large bag? A "special limited series, including hanging side have asymmetric style, a pin, and a badge", as the Worlds first Westwood avant-garde men series. If you want to experience "superman" fashion, was inferior to try this series. Including some exaggeration to let you Coach bags outlet
content: such as comprehensive asymmetric design, Scotland, and short skirt of sheep leg sleeve coat. Days!


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