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Mike Krzyzewski had lost in the semifinals of both previous appearances, with his team of college players winning a bronze in 1990. Now the Americans have a chance at gold, and with it an automatic berth nike air max 2011 into the 2012 Olympics. Many of the stars have indicated they may return for that, so it's unknown how many of these players will be back. One thing has become clear: There will be a place for Durant.

And last fall — as collective-bargaining talks were getting under nike free way — the N.B.A. began to crack down on players' "excessive complaining," which no one thought was a real problem until Stern made it one, again summoning the useful specter of a work force that must be brought to heel. Indeed, his reign has been an exercise in seizing and reseizing the league's public nike free shoes image from its players — "Nasty, Brutish Athletes" went one notorious headline from the 1998-99 lockout — and it has worked out brilliantly: boogymen never have leverage at the negotiating table. Kleiza, who was averaging 19.1 points, was limited to four on 1-of-11 shooting mbt shoes sale.

The Americans came in averaging 95 points and led the tournament in many other categories. Rookie power forward Larry Sanders(MBT clearance) is expected to make an impact off the bench immediately. Luc Mbah a Moute, Ersan Ilyasova(MBT clearance) and Carlos Delfino(MBT clearance) make the Bucks deep at small forward and give the team some tradable commodities. Most important, Milwaukee re-signed guard John Salmons timberland sale, who helped the team go 22-8 and reach the playoffs after he was acquired from the Chicago Bulls at the trade deadline. Give the small-market Bucks credit. They weren't reluctant to spend. In addition to giving Salmons and Gooden contracts potentially worth $39 million and $32 million, respectively, Milwaukee also took on the remaining three years and $31 million of Maggette's deal.

The Bucks' moves didn't nike free trainers draw nearly the attention as those of the Miami Heat or Boston Celtics, but Jennings thinks Milwaukee's hefty investment will pay off. "We can win the Central Division, to tell you the truth," Jennings said. "I'm gonna thank LeBron for leaving the Central Division. But that was the case four years ago, too, and none of that mattered when Greece executed at will over timberland chukka boots the final three quarters in a 101-95 semifinal victory. That was the latest U.S. disappointment in an event it was won only three times.

Goodell has borrowed liberally from Stern's playbook, but his execution has been clumsier. His emphasis on personal conduct has occasioned a lot of selective moral grandstanding MBT Kisumu Sandals on subjects both big (Michael Vick's dogfighting) and small (players' trash-talking), betraying a misbegotten belief that football, which has introduced such phenomena as chronic traumatic encephalopathy and the Raiders, has anything to teach us about virtue.

While Stern stares down a perceived culture of thuggery and, to casual fans, looks like Captain America, Goodell demonstrates MbT Sandals Sale his moral sinew by swinging around carefully selected individuals, thus reducing himself to a very well paid beat cop. Goodell lacks Stern's touch on a tactical level too. He has leveraged the right anxieties at the right moments, wringing another set of concessions out of the players timberland boots uk and annexing a little more of their autonomy every time.


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