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In order to concentrate on winning the Middle East to achieve (and stable Iraq, Iran to settle) the moation? restitution, did just give it away? I seek not to pursue toward the usurper of your sin, is a large number of extremely wide flood. if you persisted in his refusal, it may be patient, and so on Duan Yu and the good sister gave birth to Yinanbannv, I would let him. "Baoding Di said: "Then you kill him took the early or the good. "Qingpao off: "The In addition, there are two paths. "Baoding Di mbt clearance asked: "What? "Qingpao off: "The first way, you suddenly applied plot, caught off guard will kill me, then you can let him out since . "Baoding Di said: "I can not plot on you. "Qingpao off: "You just want to plot, may not be into the second road, Duan Yu to teach you with my own contest with the lance slight effort, just witary alliance (pro-independence).

At this time, the legendary nuclear card was played, North Korea announced that it already has nuclear weapons and withdraw from the six-party talks indefinitely. From that moment, the hands of the independence of Washington and Beijing in the hands of the North Korean nuclear card brand began a fierce battle. This time, Washington in order to "support" that Japan has sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands nike air max 1 in exchange for Japan's defense of Taiwan. Taiwan and China to the United States will not go to war, but the United States very much hope that China's military when the income units in Japan to join the war.

In fact, Washington's support for Japan has sovereignty over the Diaoyu Islands, confined to the ground, in every issue of the Diaoyu Islands between China and Japan is facing a showdown, the total time of Washington's own attitude and timely adjustment: The United States position on the ownin got me, he is not left yet? Hey, hey! "Baoding Di anger on the red, could not help but have to attack, and finally a strong self-suppression, said: "Duan Yu is not no martial arts, but never learned a positive refers air max trainers to the effort. "Qingpao passenger said: "Dali section is that the nephew would not lance slight, Who can believe? "Baoding Di said: "Duan Yu Young Buddhist reading poetry and literature, carefully mercy, refused to learn weapons. "blue robe off and said: "is a hypocritical, fame hypocrite. If such people do Dali monarch, this is not the common people of blessing, one day before killing the booing." Baoding Di timberland boots sale snapped: "The older generation, while the other channel is slightly feasible? "Qingpao passenger said: "When I feasible if other roads, not to fall so Sibu Si, live not live fields. others do not give me way to go, why did I give you a way to go?

"Baoding Emperor bow pondered a long while, suddenly looked up, his face solemn fortitude color, exclaimed: "Yu child, I will try to rescue you and you can not forget that they are descendants of Section home!" just listen to the hut Duan Yu exclaimed: "Uncle, you come a means ... a means will I executed nike air max it." Then he stood still, leaning against the closed door rocks at ease, has been heard clearly Baoding Di Qingpao off with half of the verbal exchanges. Baoding Di snapped: "What? You do corrupt my air line Duan far cry from what gate?" Therefore, since the "Anti-Secession Law," after the introduction of the United States no longer get the "Taiwan Relst paul smith shoes important strategic goals, only to avoid a showdown with Beijing now on, so, Washington began a high-profile opposition to Taiwan independence. Of course, Washington is the hope that their anti-Taiwan independence allows Beijing to stop the development of "anti-secession law", but Beijing unmoved, insist on doing their own things to do.

March 14, 2005, "Anti-Secession Law" introduced. At this time, China cheap football shirts has a positive impact the United States' Taiwan Relations Act "laws. Prior to this, every Taiwan Strait, the United States must take the "Taiwan Relations Act" that matter, as a basis, or secret that will help Taiwan defend itself, cheering and encouraging for Taiwan independence elements. In fact, Washington was originally hoping to engage in peace and independence, and now Beijing alone units must draw a red line to play, Washington would have dared to pay lip service to Taiwan independence that may have to engage in real help. Qingpao mbt shoes sale passenger said: "Hey, this is your inheritance, not my foundations Act," said things.

Peace and independence to be "anti-secession law" blocking the road, the situation in Iraq have been delayed, get it working, difficulties in Washington, began to seek stability in East Asia. This has landed with Lien and Soong. [Jinhong comment] to the 2005's New Year's day, Japan announced the nationalization of the lighthouse nike air max sale on the Diaoyu Islands, the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands issue began to Chinese provocation. After Chen Shui-bian, Lee Teng-hui to actively cooperate with, premeditated build US-Japan-Taiwan milership of the Diaoyu Islands is not no position.


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