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Cheap shoes sale of Timberland strange. Don't know if it's crazy team to supporters too much. Or shrek seven strange face mask to the audience to feel bad. When the competent ao just announced their name. The audience immediately ringing out one hiss. Diameter 40 meters circular bucket soul table has very big, full with thousands of square meters, so against both sides although there are fourteen people.

But also won't appear crowded. With the announcement of the competent ao, shrek seven strange and mad team each in his own party to lay out timberland formation. Crazy team party, standing in the front is captain crazy blade.

Follow crazy blade is behind the two face sullenly middle-aged, three people set out a triangle formation. Enchanting woman in the seven Yang. Is still a face of smiles appealed. Two thin figure to youth in two wings. The name look very commonly older middleaged person row in the end, the whole formation as pointed cone general. Shrek seven strange party also set out their formation. And the other party to the 331 formation timberland boots.


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