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ChaoSha flame Timberlands cheap thrower. in bundles in bundles of grenades thrown into the tunnel, a series of intense explosion, Chinese soldiers sprayed with flame thrower withstand hole. fireworks and coke smelly man smoked meat gadites zheng, I carry kalashnikov lead into the tunnel, I want to see this a few small thin chicken as the Vietnam cubs are burned into what tunnel, with more than ten anxious burnt bodies scattered in the army, at that time already can't tell is killed or timberland boots sale burned to death.

I found in the most inside a large bundle of haven't explosion of cluster grenade, I quickly take the soldiers want to run out, but too late, a dreary, my body has been the impact of shock wave, the dark eyes, feeling at present is a layer of mud on the paste, can't see anything.

I try very hard to scratch by hand, my heart can't say panic, my wrist was caught at this moment, someone said to me. Comrade, wake up, you did you have a nightmare? I open my eyes to see, two flight attendants and the train passengers are looking at me, all of us all with a smile on timberland her face, I didn't understand, this is just dreaming, long out of breath, to just the nightmare is still jittery. not sitting on the train home can be dream, face can throw out this time. I embarrassed smiled at everyone, this is probably the most ugly I've laughed again, it is better to haven't mirror, see their own face. flight attendants saw I wake up, tell me immediately to the terminal, to prepare to get off. I nodded, carry their luggage packed to the place where two cars cheap timberland boots.


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