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Wentian if we can get the support that was established in Guangzhou and Shanghai Bank, the much easier. Wentian will support him do? Video indoor monitor does not know, so he must go to 'dying' in Wentian talk about. said to have interesting, Wentian the dying on the 'danger' for nearly a month, has still not breathe, if this is the case, people do not know what it will be tortured into! think of this, video indoor monitor shook his head and laughed. He Xiao Fang called to say he wanted to to visit Wentian Xiao Fang hear, busy, said, Big Brother has not Shanghai to the! Video indoor monitor hesitated and asked, is not in Shanghai?

Brother that went to where? Just go back to Guangzhou. Xiao Fang said, These days, to her brother's injury has improved, but recovery will take some time to restore, to live not live in the hospital does not matter, so went back to her brother went to the infirmary, Guangzhou, Shanghai things here temporarily for me to handle. Guangzhou is Namhong door where the headquarters of the land, it is a fundamental Namhong door. Wentian actually secretly fled home in silence, which allows video indoor monitor accidentally touches his eyes a turn, then Xiao Fang, then said, If so, then I went to lie down in Guangzhou, to visit it! developed inland areas, as long as the business properly, can be accommodated in the shortest time a lot of money As long as enough money, then you can use it to do a lot of things, such as investing in stocks, or even buy a fund issued by other banks, thereby reaping huge profits, of course, the premise is that you must have enough hands The available liquidity. listening to her analysis and planning, video indoor monitor pondering bow up in Guangzhou and Shanghai, the site does not belong to him, the establishment of banks, there may be some trouble if in the north and northeast, it is very easy.

Whether publicity or fund raising, are more effective, however, he had to admit, compared to the South, the North is indeed behind some of the bank's development space is very limited. Thought for a moment, video indoor monitor nodded and said, Just as you meant to do it, you just deal with the bank's business and in fact, the other, I'll help you solve. Li Xiaoyun laughed, surprised and asked, how are you going to do? Video indoor monitor laughed, Although I Some forces in the north, however, the South still has 'friends'. He's the friend, refers Wentian. Namhong door forces entrenched in the South, long dominated the South underworld undisputed leader, even in the White Road, also be popular.


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